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Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: I get inspired by anything from ballads to metal...
Favourite style of art: A more realistic sort of anime
Personal Quote: Real success is overcomming the fear of failure.
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None ATM

Yeah, I'm late. New Years was almost a month ago, and not until NOW I make a journal about it. I'm so slow :XD:
It's because I've already broken one of the resolutions I made. Yeah, already. I promissed to take better care of my apartment. It sounds like it's really a wreck when I put it like that, but it's not. It's just messy, and I promissed myself to keep it better cleaned, to do the dishes a little more often, to water my plants more than once a week (I have horrible green thumbs :XD:), to not stack things where they shouldn't be. Aaaand.... well, I haven't really. Because I hate cleaning. I HATE it. I find it so incredibly boring. And I'm so easily distracted it's not even funny. I find some old notes or concept drawings and suddenly all thoughts of cleaning has vanished from my head and I'm going through the notes and get all kind of ideas for changes and drawings and whatnot. Three hours later I suddenly realize I should have been cleaning. Yeah... scatter brain. It's my middle name, basicly :XD:

The other resolution I made was to write and/or draw a little bit everyday, and I have been doing that. I managed to partially redraw and repaint "Princess and the Bodyguard" (…, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. To that I have taken it upon myself to draw something big for me. A scene with more than one or two people, with details, colors and a real background. A real painted one, not a photo, not some lazy color gradient. No. A REAL background, painted from scratch. In fact, I have three such painting planned. I just have to figure out how to paint landscapes and buildings and such. Got any pro-tips, don't hesitate to throw some my way! :XD:
I haven't written much this year, but I started to restructure and rewrite last year in december when I realized what a huge mistake I had made. So I had to shift the entire setting and compleatly rewrite the whole beginning of the story, which in turn made everything else I had written previously not add up, so I had to scrap that too. There might be some parts I can reuse if I tweak it a bit, but most of it is gone, and I have to admit that sucks a bit. I spent so much time writing that, and now I can use it. Yeah, it sucks. But hopefully I have learned something the past year about writing, and hopefully what I write now is more intresting and captivating than some of the rather boring stuff I had written before. I complain about pacing in movies, but I'm not really good at it myself when it comes to writing :XD:

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear if I can keep my job at the school library. Everyone seem to be happy to have me there - the library haven't been open for almost 2 years - so I guess it's just a matter of economy. Can they afford to keep me? I sincerly hope so. I like my job, it's not at all stressful - which is exactly what I need - and most of the time I sit down and catalouge books. I guess for most people that would be rather unsatisfactory to do almost nothing, but for me it's just fine. I feel I'm doing something useful - keeping the library open for the students - and occasionally I get to help out in finding what people are looking for. It's not a huge library and it would need a little more new books, but I have been promissed that it will come this spring. Soo... if I should read anything into that, it's almost certain I get to stay. I hope. *crosses fingers*

That's all for now. Everyone take care!
Until next time... :wave:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: 80's classics
  • Watching: my work, with critical eyes
  • Playing: pen-n-paper RP
  • Eating: cucumber
  • Drinking: cola

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